La France….Recipes, Terroirs, Specialties

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Limited by the Ardennes, the Alps and the Pyrenees, by the Atlantic Ocean, the Rhine and the Mediterranean, France does not count any refined specialties, light or copious, salty or sweet, food or drinks.

In all regions of France, nature gives it’s taste to many products and everywhere men and women through their experience, whether famous of anonymous, perpetuate ancient traditions and their culinary expertise.

We propose you a cycle of 6 conferences, which for each region of France will allow you to better understand the gastronomy and the art of living in the French way.

Paris – Ile de France and Champagne-Lorraine – Alsace

Nord – Normandie – Brittany and Pays de Loire

Burgundy and Lyon Rhone-Alpes

Poitou – Charente – Limousin and Perigord – Gascony – Basque Country

Aveyron – Quercy – Auvergne – Toulouse and Languedoc – Cevennes

Provence – Cote d’Azur and Corsica

The first three conferences in the series, hosted by C.B. will be held at the Village Hall 2pm – 4pm on Wednesday 13th February and Wednesday 13th March

£5 per session donated to Village Hall funds

To register, please email: