Education Travel Policies Consultation

November 16th, 2017 | Posted by Mick Shaw in Uncategorized

Dear parents of school age children,

It is in your interest that you respond to the following consultation that will be discussed at the Parish Council meeting on Monday 20th November in the village chapel commencing at 6.30pm.

Education Travel Policies

Cheshire East Council agreed on 10th October 2017 to consult the public on the suite of policies for supporting travel to school.  The proposals would bring the authority in line with many other councils’ locally and across the country, who have already reviewed their school travel in line with national government requirements.
The consultation will make clear what travel support the Council is required to provide and seek views on what, if any, exceptions the Council should consider.  Any proposals for exceptions to be considered need to be supported by a clear rationale.
The policies are:

  • Compulsory School Age Travel Policy

  • Education Travel Behaviour Code

  • Education Travel Payment Policy

  • Education Travel Appeals and Complaints Policy

Cheshire East Council is seeking to continue to provide at least the legislative minimum that is required to be provided by local authorities.
The proposed changes will mean that the Council has sought to have;

  • a suite of policy documents that provide greater clarity

  • complied with statutory travel requirements and the removed discretionary travel

  • met the assessed needs of children

  • provided sustainable travel arrangements to school

  • provided travel assistance through the lowest cost option

  • introduced a clear behaviour policy with clear escalation and sanctions

  • a process for Appeals and Complaints which includes information for interested parties about the justification for appeal, the procedure at appeal hearings and timescales involved to ensure clarity of process and consistency of application

The linked appendix provides a detailed summary of the changes. Please review this before answering the questionnaire. More detailed policies can be found on the Cheshire East Website. 
The consultation will end on the 6
th December 2017 and the outcome will inform subsequent proposals which are planned for a decision by Cabinet in January 2018. Implementation would take place from September 2018 with affected parents given reasonable advance notice.
Data Protection 
Your confidentiality is assured: Any personal information you supply will remain strictly confidential and anonymous and will be held and used in line with the Data Protection Act 1998. The information you provide will only be used by Cheshire East Council to analyse the results of this survey and inform decision making. We will not pass on your personal information to other departments within the Council, or to any other third parties, without your prior consent.

Bill Pilkington,

Chairman, Mottram St Andrew Parish Council.

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